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Ted’s Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

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Gender Pay Gap Report: No Ordinary Designer Label Limited

Period to 5 April 2018


As part of the UK Government's commitment to tackling gender pay inequality, organisations with 250 or more employees are required to publish calculations for 6 key metrics each year to disclose pay gaps that may exist between male and female employees.

At the date of 5 April 2018, No Ordinary Designer Label Limited employed 1,883 employees over a wide range of functions and working patterns across the business.

Team demographic – 1,883 UK employees in total

1,253 UK Retail employees (66% of team)
630 Head Office employees (34% of team)

Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting Figures

Mean hourly pay gap 19.1%
Median hourly pay gap 1.3%
Mean bonus pay gap* 81.0%
Median bonus pay gap 3.3%

*See comment regarding LTIP awards below

In the spirit of transparency, all senior executives are included within the report, even one who does not fall within the "relevant employee" definition. The exclusion of this individual results in the mean gender pay gap decreasing to 17.3% from 19.1%. By removing this individual from this year's analysis, the mean bonus gap also decreases significantly to 73.1% from 81%.

Gender Pay Gap

  • Gender split is 67% women, 33% men.
  • Men are paid 1.3% more than women as a median measure (National average is 17.9% in favour of men).
  • Women are paid 19% less than men as a mean measure (National average is 20% in favour of men).
  • Mean Gender Pay Gap is driven by a small population of senior executives where the gender ratio is predominantly male.

Gender Bonus Gap

  • 59% of all women employees and 65% of all men received a bonus in the period.
  • The median bonus gap was 3.3% in favour of men.
  • The mean bonus gap was 81% in favour of men.
  • If awards that were exercised under the Long Term Incentive Plan 2013 (LTIP awards) are excluded from the bonus calculations, the mean bonus gap falls from 81% to 38% in favour of men.

Gender Demographic Per Pay Quartile

Quartile analysis shows women are well represented across all pay levels.




Top Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile



Summary of Findings

Our findings demonstrate that while a gender pay gap exists, it is distorted due to a relatively small group of executives where the gender ratio is predominately male. LTIP awards that vested were exercised in the period to this small group significantly skew the overall metrics.

We are confident that male and female employees in the same or similar roles or roles considered of equal value across the business are paid within an equitable range.

A leading representation of women exists in all pay quartiles demonstrating inherent diversity and inclusion of women at all levels of seniority.

Within the retail store population of which represents 66% of the total employee population, the gender pay gap is minimal at 0.5% in favour of women.

We will continue to value diversity in all areas of its business and will measure and externally benchmark the way our population is remunerated on an ongoing basis.

We can confirm that the data has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 for the period to 5 April 2018. This information can also be found on the government portal at

Charles Anderson
Finance Director – No Ordinary Designer Label Limited
4 April 2019


Equal Pay – Considers that men and women should generally receive equal pay if they perform equal work. This includes like work, work rated as equivalent or work of equal value.

Gender Pay Gap – The difference between the average hourly pay of men and women across the business expressed as a percentage.

Key Gender Pay Gap reporting dates – 5th April 2018 – data snapshot; 4th April 2019 – Mandatory disclosure.

Pay – Includes basic pay, allowances, paid leave, shift premiums.

Bonus Pay – Includes any payment in the 12 months to period ending 5 April 2018 and includes any retail sales bonus, commission, incentives and share schemes such as the LTIP which is a scheme for senior executives and set over a three year performance period. Any bonus payable is based on eligibility to participate in the relevant scheme at any one time.

Median – The percentage difference between the mid point of the lowest and highest pay or bonus for men and women.

Mean – The percentage difference between the total average male pay or bonus and the total average female pay or bonus.